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Retired Products

Mainstream support has ceased for the following products:
  • Capital Lite Payroll (product support ceased 31 March 2003)
  • Capital Payroll (product support ceased 31 March 2003)
  • EDI (product support ceased 30 June 2003)
  • Mpower (product support ceased 31 July 2002)
  • Capital Accounts (product support ceased 31 July 2001)
  • Capital Lite Accounts (product support ceased 31 July 2001)
  • Senior (product support ceased 31 July 2001)
  • Single User (product support ceased 22 December 2000)
  • Opera Electronic Cashbook (product support ceased 22 December 2000)
If you are still using any of the above products and would like to discuss upgrade options please contact us. We are still able to convert/salvage data.

Payroll Update 2008 - 2009

There will be two phases to thePayroll Upgrade 2008. Phase one will cover the legislative changes required to complete the 2007/2008 Tax Year, including P14/P60 and End of Year Returns on disk and via the Online Filing Manager to the Government Gateway.  We hope to begin booking upgrades toward the end of February.
Phase two will cover the Budget changes, due to be implemented in May 2008. The product release version numbers are as follows:
  • Opera for Windows (3.60.00)
  • Opera II (6.10.00)
  • Capital Gold Payroll (3.75.00)
  • Online Filing Manager (2.60.00)
There will be a full version upgrade and a requirement to re-activate both Opera II and Opera for Windows.

Pegasus is required to maintain all of its Payroll solutions in order to remain compliant with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) legislation. In brief, the changes required to successfully complete the 2007/2008 Tax Year and process from April 2008 are as follows:

PAYE 10% Bandwidth

The starting rate and 10% bandwidth of PAYE is no longer applicable from April 2008. At the same time, the basic rate of tax will be reduced from 22% to 20%

P35 Summary

There are some minor wording changes on the P35 summary for the end of 2007/2008, plus some validation changes. These will be reflected in the Online Filing Manager EOY wizard
Other points to be aware of regarding the EOY and Payroll Upgrade 2008

P14 and P60

This year, the layout/format of this stationery has not changed. Of course, the user will still require new stationery, with the applicable tax year printed on it

EOY Returns via Magnetic Media

This year, the format of the output file created for EOY Returns via magnetic media has not changed

Student Loans

From April 2008 the ’42-day lead time’ will be removed with respect to the recovery of Student Loans

Mandatory Filing of In-Year Forms (P45 (1), P45 (3) and P46) – Opera II (6.10.00)

Originally intended for April 2008, the deadline for mandatory filing of in-year forms has been postponed by HMRC until April 2009. However, Pegasus are still obliged to make significant changes to the software as the format and validation changes required by HMRC to process in-year forms for the original 2008 deadline still have to be applied. This will ensure that the Online Filing Manager is capable of filing in-year forms that conform to the current format and validation rules and the revised format and validation rules that apply from April 2008 onwards. These changes will be apparent on the To Date form within Payroll Processing.

New for 2008

In addition to the statutory changes outlined above, the upgrades will include enhancements and new functionality as summarised below:
Leave Period identification - Opera II
There will be an additional spin-box on the Leavers form to identify the Leave Period, allowing P45 reports to be generated for a previous period as required
NI Category Letter ‘X’ - Opera II and Opera for Windows
The audit report produced by the End of Year Cleardown will now include information on employees who have been processed with an NI category letter of ‘X’

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